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CarryOutMenu Catering

Time constrained and budget constrained? Need help planning your next event? Have a recurring meeting? Need food planned for a series of days? No problem.

Our catering does not start when the food has arrived to your organization. CarryOutMenu’s Catering starts from the moment, you decide to give us the honor of serving you on your first catering order. We not only make catering easy but we also make your catering successful.

CarryOutMenu (COM) provides drop off and set-up catering. Whether it’s a breakfast, lunch or dinner we can help generate a solution with you. Everyone in our entire organization has been trained on catering and can assist you. CarryoutMenu’s Catering (C2) Team is a highly specialized group within CarryoutMenu whom can facilitate your food catering needs at no additional cost. C2 Food Event Planners use a knowledge of great restaurants and their menus along with successful past experiences and processes to tailor provide a solution based on your food needs.

CarryOutMenu provides a number of ways to meet your organization’s food needs:

    Order On Your Own at by browsing the website and placing it directly online. We recommend this to many clients who use this method to successfully order for themselves. Or you may use the website to browse the menus and then can:

    Order with the assistance of a Customer Service Representative who can generate a real time order or quote at 410-772-1072

    Order with the assistance of a Specially Trained Food Event Planner provided free of charge from CarryoutMenu. Call 410-772-1072 and ask for a C2 Team Member.

    Online Group Ordering Service which facilitates a larger “ala carte” order. A C2 team member can set you up with a Group Ordering free of charge. Call 410-772-1072 and ask for a C2 Team Member.

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